The mission of the Dynamic Aging Institute is to become a resource for motivated older adults who wish to age more proactively, knowledgeably, and meaningfully – and to help create a new paradigm for aging that reflects the reality of longer lifespans, a growing population of older adults, the inevitability of age-related decline for those who live longer lives, and the benefits of engaging more interactively with our increasingly dynamic external world.

To accomplish this purpose we have launched a series of classes, seminars, and speaking engagements addressing how a person might live a more energetic and higher quality of life, offset or even reverse the effects of age-related decline, and actualize their unique potential in the last third of life. I offer these services free of charge in the Upstate area of South Carolina or Western North Carolina depending on my availability. Please contact me through the website if you are interested.

This website will also eventually provide current research findings on optimal aging, insights into the aging process, stories of older adults engaging dynamically with aspects of their own lives, forums where people can participate in discussions around a range of topics on aging, and additional resources for the motivated and curious.

Stability is not an option