Articles – Dudley Tower Ph.D.

Here are a few articles that my students have found to be of interest.  These may take a short while to load – and will open in a new window/tab so you can easily navigate back to this page by simply closing the article.


This paper presents a history of psychology, from its early spiritual origins, through its unfolding in four major stages during the past century in the Western world – Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Humanistic Psychology, and Transpersonal Psychology.



This paper discusses the formation of “ego” in early childhood, and the process of “awakening” from this false sense of self – a process necessary in order to exercise actual free will, and achieve our true human potential.



As aging Americans, what we do and how we think of ourselves, as well as how other people think about and treat us, is largely regulated by the narrative images we are exposed to in our society about becoming older. These images are currently not flattering. This paper takes a look at the major myths perpetuated by our society about aging, and the latest research on how we might all age more positively.



Unconditional positive regard is a condition which greatly facilitates personal expansion, and adaptive developmental growth. It is only under conditions where a person feels “fully received” that their defense mechanisms will not be triggered – and they can remain open to new interpretations, expressions, and potentialities.



Deep listening is a letting go our need to figure things out, be right, be better than someone else, to do, understand, analyze, or interpret correctly. Along with unconditional positive regard, deep listening facilitates the type of structures in our society necessary for a person to achieve their full human potential.



In this simple, one page document, I have tried to summarize the spiritual development process I have personally experienced and come to know over the years. Some of my students have told me this is the most meaningful thing I have ever written and given them to read.


This is the introduction to a book I wrote in the 2000-2001 timeframe that was never published. The book outlined a model for adaptive developmental change (LIFE Model) in a world characterized by increasing complexity and change.

Stability is not an option